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Production Service

CWA is a network of international production service companies that operates in the main strategic hubs: Latin America, Mediterranean area and Southeast Asia.
 This is the key that allows us to be flexible and dynamic in finding the optimum location and productive solution for every project with the best price/quality. Our job is to take your scripts, analyse them and thanks to our unique information sources and experience, provide you with the best range of effective solutions that will suit your needs and requirements.

CWA philosophy is to be strongly committed at every stage of the production process ensuring the success of the project. CWA offers Its knowledge as Consultant as well as Line Producer, depending availability and client request. The experience acquired through the years has allowed CWA to develop a common language among its crew around the world that helps satisfying clients’ needs effectively. CWA has expertise and extensive knowledge in terms of Incentives and Tax Rebate in the regions it covers, and there aren’t any extra fee for the provided consultancy since its mark up is already included into the one of its service company.

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