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What is CrossWindAdvertising?

CWA is a network of international production service companies that operates in the main strategic hubs: Latin America, Mediterranean area and Southeast Asia.
It is a group of more than 15 realities around the world, specialized in working locally, exclusively for the international market.

How does CWA work and what is the response time frame?

The collaboration process with CWA is divided in 3 stages:

– Analysis of the script and brief sent by client.
– Selection of the most appropriate countries for the script in terms of location.
– Sending of a package with specific locations for the project, bid and casting reference, for each country proposed.

From the moment CWA receives all the project details, it will give an thorough feedback between 12 and 24 hours, with all the specific details.

Is the counselling of CWA really for free?

The service of CWA is free for its clients! CWA does not charge any extra fee since its mark up is already included into the fee of its service company. CWA service remains free even if the bid request doesn’t evolve into the project realization.

Can CWA really help me to save money for my projects?

CWA can really guarantee savings beyond clients’ expectations, thanks to its wide knowledge of the market, and its network of contacts, which shares the same price/quality politics. Each personalized market analysis ensures the following services:

– Helps to find the best solutions to exploit the bid potential.
– Provides solutions according to the clients’ needs in todays’ market
– Everything will be handled with professionalism to for delivering a top quality service.

Why should I trust CWA and award them my projects?

CWA has a transparency and fairness policy that established its success and reputation among clients.

Its core philosophy is based on optimizing budgets but without the risk of unnecessary extra cost, and it is the thread of union among the all network.

The easiest and more direct way to test the quality of our work and the capacity to supply a fair and accurate service, is to get in contact with the client that shoot already with us. This is why along with the project information and location, you will also get a list of the clients that already had a shooting experience with us in those specific countries and you will be free to contact them directly for any possible enquire.

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