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Post & Animation


In recent years the post-production market in the Southern Hemisphere has experienced an exponential development, thanks to growth in local demand as well as to its role as a competitive actor in the global market.
The recruitment of European technical staff, creative talent and artists in local studios has allowed qualitative standards to rise significantly while maintaining an extremely advantageous price/quality relationship for western countries.
We offer a range of 3D, 2D, character development, visual effects, production, direction and post production services to integrated content and films.
With exceptional CG characters and environments, we produce high end cinematics for world-class gaming companies.

The Post division of CWA has been developed by Paolo Giordana, an Italian Lighting Supervisor with a 12 years experience spread among several studios all across the world.
You can find a demo reel selection of his works here:
From the kick off he will follow the production process with our partner studios to ensure both a smooth workflow and the quality you would expect for the final delivery.
Please don’t hesitate to write us at:
for any question, challenging projects or just to get in contact, we will get back to you as soon as possible!